How I bagged an all-expenses paid ski press trip

Free holiday anyone? How I got invited to my first ever ski press trip At the end of December, I hit the jackpot – I got to go skiing, in the Alps, for FREE. It was my first ever ski press trip. I spent three nights in La Plagne, France, with a group of other journalists. Everything was laid on for us by our amazing hosts Green Rides ( Flights, VIP airport transfers, ski hire, lift passes, contemporary chalet accommodation,  expert tuition, delicious food and drink – you name it, it was provided. Living the dream, hey? Well, yes. And this...

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Mysterious floating leaf on New Zealand great walk

Is this floating leaf evidence of magical, mysterious forces at play in Fiordland National Park in New Zealand? Or is it a trick or a scam conjured up by a ruthless blogger (!) desperate for hits? No, I’m afraid not – it’s neither. The explanation is pretty simple. One single (and incredibly fine) thread of spider’s web dangled this leaf from a nearby tree. My iPhone camera didn’t pick it up when I filmed – and at first I could barely see it with the naked eye. I took this film when I walked the Kepler Track – one of New...

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Epic fail: totally embarrassing myself on the Cumbria Way

My friends and family found this anecdote pretty funny, so I thought I’d share it with all of you lovely people who read my blog. Let me take you back to late-November… I’ve just arrived into Carlisle (see pic above), the finish point of a glorious 73-mile hike (more on that here) through the heart of the Lake District. Four nights of wild camping have left me looking, well, disheveled. This is how I’d describe the state I was in: I smell. Bad. Haven’t showered in 5 days. I’m dirty (as in muddy, not sexually deviant). My trousers are covered...

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10 funny hiking signs that made me laugh in 2016

Funny hiking signs that put a smile on my face out on the trail this year 1. Gotta catch ’em all – just not here 2. When you’re desperate for a post-hike clean and this happens… 3. One wrong step and the swamp WILL swallow you whole 4. Major shit going down in the Cotswolds 5. How tall is that man? He’s at least double the height of a tree 6. Do you really need to explain this to people? 7. Bit discriminatory towards any bovine hiking enthusiasts out there 8. Probably how you feel about this blog 9....

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4 steps I’ve taken to live a more adventurous life

How to live an adventurous life: a 12-month experiment It’s been a whole year now since I flipped my life upside down. In December 2015 I sold my house, left my job and went backpacking around the world (see more here). 12 months on I’m reflecting on the crazy journey, the highs, the lows, and what the future may hold. Obviously this life change involved major upheaval – it was a big leap into the unknown. It was bloody expensive too. I burnt through the 10% equity freed up from the house sale, as well as other savings. So, in...

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Hi, I'm James - former bored office worker turned adventure addict. In 2016 I quit my job to pursue my passions - climbing mountains, travelling the world and exploring the great outdoors. This blog is about my quest for an epic, adventurous life - and encouraging YOU to do the same.


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