446 summits: my record-breaking mountain expedition

I climbed every 2,000ft mountain in England and Wales in six months – the fastest ever time. I’m a record-breaking mountaineer, who walked over 1,000 miles, ascended five times the height of Everest, and wild camped for 50 nights during a pioneering peak-bagging mission. The Sunday Telegraph nicknamed me “Mountain Man” (which, I like to think, sounds like some sort of legendary superhero), and The Metro called me an “explorer” who completed an “epic challenge”. It seems odd just writing all that down. For many years I’ve dreamed of making my mark in the adventure world and, finally, I’ve...

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Introducing #Challenge446 – climbing every mountain in England & Wales

I’m really, really, REALLY excited to announce #Challenge446 – my mission to climb every mountain over 2,000ft in England and Wales in just six months. If I make it, it’ll be the fastest ever time (as far as I know) taken to complete the peak-bagging feat. The adventure will involve: climbing 446 mountains – 256 in England and 190 in Wales* walking 1,000+ miles wild camping for 100 nights ascending the height of Everest five times * The geeky mountain bit (!) – the 446 list comes from John and Anne Nuttall’s book “The Mountains of England & Wales”, which...

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5 hilarious things that happened to me while backpacking in Bali

Bali is a beautiful, friendly, vibrant place with amazing people. I spent two weeks travelling around the Indonesian island last year. I loved it, had a real laugh and loads of hilarious things happened. Here are 5 of the funniest things that occurred during my stay. 1.Playing barefoot beach football with the 10-year-olds in Jimbaran – and NOT scoring 2. Drinking coffee made from civet poo – “Mmm, yummy – is it meant to taste this thick?!” 3. My wife (almost) ditching me for a bike-riding Balinese toyboy  4. Looking up in the jungle and seeing this monster (I hate spiders) 5....

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Photo-essay: climbing Mellbreak from Loweswater

Climbing Mellbreak from Loweswater – a last-minute hiking decision On Friday I had the day off work. I very nearly spent it catching up on household chores, pottering about and relaxing – I’m glad I didn’t. At the last minute, a glimmer of sunshine in the sky tempted me and I decided to head out into the hills. I drove from Cockermouth towards Buttermere with no real plan. Cloud was lingering over the high fells of Grasmoor and Red Pike, so on a whim I changed strategy (again!) and continued towards Loweswater. The imposing pyramid of Mellbreak immediately caught...

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Gable Girdle: walking around, but not up, Great Gable

Gable Girdle: is this the Lake District’s most adventurous day walk? I originally wrote this feature for Lakeland Walker – check out the magazine here The clue is in the name. Great Gable is unquestionably one of the great Lakeland fells. It is a towering, rugged mass of rock and crags and cliffs. It is captivating to look at – an unbroken, devilish pyramid from the south, the dome of a sleeping, curled-up giant from the north. It is a mountain that captures the imagination and fuels passions; a place that demands respect and admiration, and gets it in spades. Alfred...

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Hi, I'm James - former bored office worker turned adventure addict. In 2016 I quit my job to pursue my passions - climbing mountains, travelling the world and exploring the great outdoors. This blog is about my quest for an epic, adventurous life - and encouraging YOU to do the same.


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