Hi. I’m James – a normal guy aiming for an extraordinary life.

This blog is about ditching your desk and making your life epic and adventurous. It is about travel, hiking, the great outdoors and adventure sports. My aim is to share inspiring stories, funny tales, useful how-to guides and brilliant photography from my adventures (and mis-adventures) at home and around the world.

But I wasn’t always an intrepid adventurer. I worked in an office for 10 years before finally deciding to turn my life around. This is how I did it – and so can you!

The Boring Years

I spent a decade sitting behind a desk in an office. I lived in a city. Wake up, drive to work, stare at a computer screen for 8 hours, drive home, watch TV, eat trashy food, go to bed, repeat the next day – that was my world. I hated it. I dreamed of a more adventurous life. At the weekends I’d escape to the great outdoors and hike up mountains, wild camp in forests and walk along rivers. I loved it – the freedom, the adventure, the fresh air. It made me feel alive. I wanted more of it.

Flipping My Life Upside Down

In 2016 I woke up one day and thought “f*ck it, I need to change my life”. So I took a leap of faith. I sold my house, quit my job (as a newspaper journalist) and set off around the world on an adventure pilgrimage. I traveled through New Zealand, Australia and South-East Asia for six months, indulging in my love for the great outdoors. I climbed smouldering volcanoes, tramped through dense jungles, hiked wild, remote coastlines and braved snake-infested rainforests. I swam with sharks, kayaked with dolphins and survived a Fijian mega-storm – it was one hell of an epic adventure.

A Life Full of Adventure

I returned to the UK with a new goal – to make this adventure thing a way of life forever. I wanted to ditch my desk permanently and never get sucked back into the 9 to 5 grind. So I set up home in an adventurous place (the stunning Lake District in England) and began working as a freelance writer specialising in hiking and travel. This whole experiment is ongoing and there are challenges, such as how to make enough money. But I have no regrets. You only live once – and I want to live as adventurously as possible.

My Published Writing

A selection of my published writing about hiking and adventure travel