I’m really, really, REALLY excited to announce #Challenge446 – my mission to climb every mountain over 2,000ft in England and Wales in just six months. If I make it, it’ll be the fastest ever time (as far as I know) taken to complete the peak-bagging feat. The adventure will involve:

  • climbing 446 mountains – 256 in England and 190 in Wales*
  • walking 1,000+ miles
  • wild camping for 100 nights
  • ascending the height of Everest five times

* The geeky mountain bit (!) – the 446 list comes from John and Anne Nuttall’s book “The Mountains of England & Wales”, which defines a mountain as “any hill that is at least 2,000ft (610m) high with a relative of height of at least 15m”.

I’m starting #Challenge446 on March 16th and  hope to finish by the end of September. I’ll be doing all of the walks in my spare time, while holding down my three-day-a-week job – so it’s going to be a hectic time.

But why am I doing this?

Loads of reasons really, but these few bullet points sum it all up pretty neatly:

  • to raise money for charity – I’ll be supporting the British Mountaineering Council’s “Mend Our Mountains” campaign, which funds upland path repairs on mountains across the UK. Help protect our amazing countryside by donating here: www.justgiving.com/challenge446 
  • to have an adventure – after backpacking around the world in 2016 I’ve been itching to do something similarly epic and this idea fits perfectly around my current job and lifestyle
  • to explore more – I previously walked all 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District and I loved the way it pushed me to explore new areas and inspired me to keep going. #Challenge446 will hopefully do the same, just on a much larger scale.

I’ll post updates on the challenge on my blog and on my social media channels…




…so feel free to follow and find out how well (or badly!) it all goes. 🙂