Me having a conversation with myself…

It’s really depressing, no-one ever reads my blog posts, why does no-one ever read my blog posts?!

Your writing clearly is not good enough.

But I think some of my stuff is really decent – insightful, entertaining, informative, passionate.

Look. You’re not internet famous, you’re not super handsome, you’re clearly not clever/interesting/talented/photogenic/sexy/charismatic enough. No-one is ever going to read it, you might as well give up.

God, maybe you’re right.


Go on – have you got an idea?

This is a last resort. It’ll be shameful clickbait and disgraceful self-promotion.

I’m still listening. I’m desperate.

Have you got any cute images or videos of animals?

Hmmm, let me check…

1. Herdwick sheep: Awww, the look on its face

Herdwick sheep

Taken on Rannerdale Knotts

2. Herdwick sheep: Where’s my coat gone?

Herdwick sheep

Taken near Green Gable

3. Herdwick sheep: Blimey, it’s cold up here

Herdwick sheep

Taken on Red Pike (Buttermere) above Bleaberry Tarn

4. Herdwick sheep halo

Herdwick sheep

Again, taken on Rannerdale Knotts

* Joking aside, I always enjoy seeing Herdwicks when I’m hiking in the Lake District fells (more about my love of walking here). I’m no expert photographer and often I fail to get decent shots of the sheep up in the mountains – but I’m pretty pleased with these four images. I hope you like them.