3 very bizarre things that happened when I walked the Cotswold Way

1. Manna from heaven

cotswold way

Yummy: what a find!

I was cold, wet, miserable and tired after hours of hiking through the rain when I peered into a pile of fly-tipped cardboard boxes in the corner of an agricultural field…and miraculously discovered 3 unopened, delicious, energy-providing, morale-boosting Easter eggs. It felt like a gift from the trekking Gods. Possibly the best moment of my life, ever.

2. Dodgy activities in the woods

(Sorry, no image – too X-rated/depraved/disgusting for that)

Hiking the Cotswold Way – it engenders images of postcard-perfect villages, well-to-do communities and quintessential England countryside. Imagine my shock then when I hiked through woods, near to an A46 layby, that were strewn with literally hundreds of condom/lube packets and shifty looking men lurking here, there and everywhere. Strange.

3. Sleeping in a billionaire’s garden

cotswold way

A glimpse of Dyson’s country mansion

I wild camped the entire route, sleeping in forests and fields wherever I could find a quiet spot. On day 2 I set up for the night in a small copse in the grounds of Dodington Park – the ridiculously plush country manor of vacuum guru James Dyson (I only found this out after setting up the camp). I got rumbled too. The gamekeeper discovered my camp while doing the rounds in his 4×4 and I thought I’d be well and truly thrown out. But all he cared about was the pheasants and let me stay for the night as long as his feathered-friends weren’t disturbed. Thanks Sir James for the free night.