Overland Track wildlife – my top 7 animal encounters

Before you read this, check out my full Overland Track review here and my money-saving tips here.

1. Tiger snake

Exciting or petrifying? Either way, if you don’t see a deadly, venomous snake, you haven’t truly experienced the Overland Track. Read my safety tips on snake bites here or read about by petrifying tiger snake encounter here.

Overland Track wildlife tiger snake

Overland Track wildlife: a tiger snake

2. Bennett’s wallaby

Overland Track wildlife animals

Overland Track wildlife: a Bennett’s wallaby

Watch them hop by – or pose in front of water, like in this shot I captured

3. Brush-tailed possum

Kind-of-cute animal until it starts trying to rip your bag/tent to pieces in search of a food.

4. Wombat

Commonly seen foraging around for food

5. Leech

Watching them squirm around is strangely hypnotising, but you will definitely curse when they leave your ankle or arm bleeding

6. Jack jumper ants

Observe from a safe distance – these ants have a painful bite

7. Echidna

Prickly, weird and super-cute – this hedgehog-esque animal is a must-see