LOST in the deepest, darkest depths of Transylvania, I was forced to shelter in an eerie, abandoned mountain hut.

I prayed the rickety shack would protect me from the bears, wolves and raging thunderstorm outside – and keep Count Dracula away.

My terrifying night in the Fagaras Mountains of Romania was sleepless, scary and soaking wet – but, bizarrely, the experience led to something awesome.

It gave me the perfect anecdote to show off when I entered a competition on the Outdoor Enthusiast website, which tasked entrants to write about an adventure.

And I won.

So here I am blogging away – praising the day I took a wrong turn in Transylvania – and looking forward to three epic adventure trips with Canvas Holidays.

Beautiful walking in the Fagaras Mountains

Beautiful walking in the Fagaras Mountains

To kick things off I’m heading to Lake Garda in June followed by a week in both the Swiss and French Alps in July and August respectively.

I can’t wait.

Walking, cycling, canoeing and even some adrenaline sports are on the itinerary.

Stunning lakes, beautiful mountains and peaceful forests will provide the perfect setting.

What more could an outdoor fanatic like myself ask for?

I won’t be roughing it either.

I’ll be staying in a Canvas Holidays mobile home or tent, complete with all the mod cons needed for some post-adventure relaxing.

And my wife and a friend are tagging along too.

My only experience of Canvas Holidays to date is a vacation with my family to France as a moody teenager.

But now I’m getting involved again – this time as a 31-year-old from Birmingham with a love for the great outdoors – and I’m raring to go.

I never really realised there was so much scope for adventure with Canvas Holidays.

Decisions, decisions - trying to select three trip destinations

Decisions, decisions – trying to select three trip destinations

There are sites across Europe in some of the top spots for fresh air and great scenery – and choosing just three was tricky.

But with my sights firmly set on my trio of destinations, it would be fair to say that I’ve struck gold with this role.

A summer of awesome adventure across the continent awaits.

And the best thing of all – I won’t even have to contend with bears, wolves or Count Dracula.